St. Andrews East

Saint Andrews East is the smallest village having twenty home sites. The original eleven lots, with homes on ten, are smaller than the more recently subdivided section. Here there are nine parcels, with homes on seven. There are one and two story designs.The village has three landscaped common areas and all lots abut a lake. The village is one of several that opt for full landscape maintenance by the Property Owners Association.

St. Andrews East Documents


Master Covenants for Craft Farms

Residential & Construction Guidelines

Plat Map – St. Andrews East #1

Plat Map – St. Andrews East #2

CFPOA 2019 to 2020 Tree Of Life Contract

St. Andrews East Contacts

email-icon      SAE Representative –  Gilda Green   12/31/2020

Phone:   251-948-4307

email-icon      SAE Alternate Representative –  David Niven

Phone:  251-980-2456