POA District

250-districtentryThe POA District consists of the common land areas throughout the Craft Farms Development of which there are 57 different parcels scattered around the community. ‘The District’ also refers to the organization that manages the affairs of the community. This organization, Craft Farms Property Owners Association (CFPOA), Inc., operates per published By-Laws and is chartered to maintain the aesthetics of the Craft Farms Community and to enforce the Covenants. The CFPOA Board of Directors consists of a biennially elected director from each village. Our annual operating budget is just over $550K, and, in addition, we maintain approximately $140K Capital Reserve and $150K Operating Reserve.

Craft Farms is not associated with Craft Farms North, a separate and distinct community on County Road 8.

POA District Documents

Articles of Incorporation


Master Covenants for Craft Farms

Craft Farms Map

CFPOA Sanction Schedule

CFPOA 2018 2019 Tree Of Life Contract

ARMC Requirements

ARMC Request Form


POA: District Contacts

email-icon      President – Carolyn Boudreaux   12/31/2019

Phone: 251-968-6476

email-icon      Vice President – Gilda Green  12/31/2020

Phone: 251-948-4307

email-icon      Secretary – Kim Gordon  12/31/2020

Phone: 734-730-2176

email-icon      Treasurer – John Mitchell   12/31/2019

Phone: 847-302-3157

 email-icon      POA Covenants & Restrictions Committee Chairman –  Jack Nichols

Phone: 309-229-4325

email-icon        POA Architectural Review/Modification Committee Chairman – Fred Fedok

Phone: 717-576-7808

email-icon      POA Finance Committee Chairman – Tom Grabowski

Phone: 251-975-1121

email-icon      POA Grounds Committee Chairman – Forrest Forbes

Phone: 251-978-1990

email-icon      POA Web Administrator – Dale L. Dusenbery

Phone: 251-968-3168

email-icon      POA Management –  Angela Mitchell

   Phone: 251-948-3039