Welcome to “The Farms”.

Each Village in Craft Farms has a set of Residential and Construction
Guidelines unique to that village that must be followed by every resident.

The Architectural Review Committee, hereafter known as ARMC, was
established for the purpose of reviewing and accepting or denying proposals
for land and building improvements within Craft Farms.

Some of the most abused restrictions are:

Painting of Driveways: Only specified colors are allowed. Approval from ARMC
is required.

Garbage Cans: Garbage and recycling cans are to be stored out of sight. They are only allowed by the street during the day of city pick up.

Signage: For Sale, For Rent or For Lease signs must conform to the design
specified in Exhibit E to the Covenants.  During 2014, the POA adopted a policy for standardized For Sale Signs for property in Craft Farms.  The PMC maintains a small supply of FOR SALE BY OWNER signs which current property owners may use to sell their property.  The owner is required to pay a $150.00 security deposit on the sign.  When the sign is returned in undamaged condition, the security deposit will be refunded to the homeowner.

Rentals: All rentals must be for a minimum of 90 days. No short term rentals

Fencing: Prohibited in some Villages, need ARMC approval. Fences on Golf
Course facing lots are prohibited!

Outside construction: Playhouses, slides, swings, basketball hoops, trampolines and etc. must be hidden from view when not in use.

Tree Removal: Needs ARMC or Village Representative approval.

Painting or Re-painting: There are approved colors for all villages. Color must be approved by the ARMC.

Re-Roofing: Needs approval for color from the ARMC.

Landscaping and Landscaping Materials: Need to be approved by ARMC
(including ground covering).

Awnings and Canopies: Need ARMC approval.

Cars: Must be parked on the Driveway. Parking on the grass and overnight
parking on the street is prohibited.

Pets: Pick up after your Pets.

Mail Boxes: Must be maintained, replaced or repainted.  For villages with standard
mailboxes, green is the recommended color.  Pinehurst Development Company provided a mailbox for each new member of the association (except those in Cypress Gardens) once construction on the residence was complete.  There are three types of mailbox systems, Gray posts with black boxes for property owners in Cypress Bend,  Black boxes for property owners in the Estates, and all others receive a Solar Green box.  When Pinehurst Development Company closed operations, they provided CFPOA mailboxes for all villages and a cash payment to cover installation charges.  CFPOA utilizes their maintenance technician to  install the mailbox.

If a replacement mailbox system is required, the mailbox system and the cost of installation will be billed to the homeowner of record.  If the installation is for a mailbox system, including the related pole and newspaper box, the amount billed is the current purchase price of the mailbox system plus $35.00 for installation.  If only a mailbox is required, the cost is current purchase price with no installation charge.

The property owners in the Cypress Gardens must purchase their mailbox system from CFPOA when construction is completed.  The Association has purchased several mailbox systems for this village and maintains them in inventory.  The cost of installation will be billed to the homeowner of record.  The amount billed will be the purchase price of the mailbox system plus $35.00 for installation.

Statuary and lawn ornaments: Not allowed in front yards.

Boats, RV’s, utility trailers, etc: cannot remain in driveways more than 24 hours and
cannot be parked on the street.

Boats, RV’s, utility trailers or automobiles: cannot be parked on vacant lots or in
common areas.

Yard Sales and/or Garage Sales: are prohibited.

Craft Farms P.O.A. has a website that details Covenants, By-Laws and
Restriction and Guideline for each Village. Please visit the website or call POA Management – Cindy Woodson 251-948-3039.