Cypress Gardens

Cypress Gardens consists of 47 developed lots. As of February, 2011, thirteen houses have been built – leaving 34 vacant lots.

Cypress is designed and built to the OLD WORLD concept. Old brick (used) is required except new brick can be used and painted or covered with a stucco type material. All brick, trim,roof, exterior doors and windows and screens are dark or muted colors.

It is a full service village, i.e. all property owners pay a fee to the POA – who selects a qualified contractor to do all normal landscape maintenance.

House sizes range from about 2,500 square feet (1) to almost 6,500 Square feet. Most are in the 3,000+ to 4,000+ foot range -i.e. heated and cooled areas.

Cypress Gardens Documents


Master Covenants for Craft Farms

Residential & Construction Guidelines

Plat Map – Cypress Gardens

CFPOA 11-2018 to 2020 Mack’s Landscaping Contract

Cypress Gardens Contacts

email-icon      CG Representative- Mickey McCaleb  12/31/2019

Phone: 606-367-9241

email-icon      CG Alternate Representative – Joe Belk

Phone: 318-235-1662