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Note: The date following the representatives name is their term expiration.

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POA: District Contacts

email-icon      President – Carolyn Boudreaux   12/31/2019

Phone: 251-968-6476

email-icon      Vice President – N/A


email-icon      Secretary – Kim Gordon  12/31/2018

Phone: 734-730-2176

email-icon      Treasurer – John Mitchell   12/31/2019

Phone: 847-302-3157

 email-icon      POA Covenants & Restrictions Committee Chairman –  Jack Nichols

Phone: 309-229-4325

email-icon        POA Architectural Review/Modification Committee Chairman – Harley Finnell

Phone: 251-948-0576      Cell Phone: 256-744-0799

email-icon      POA Finance Committee Chairman – Tom Grabowski

Phone: 251-975-1121

email-icon      POA Grounds Committee Co-Chairman – Forrest Forbes

Phone: 251-978-1990

email-icon      POA Grounds Committee Co-Chairman – Jack Nichols

Phone: 309-229-4325

email-icon      POA Web Administrator – Dale L. Dusenbery

Phone: 251-968-3168

email-icon      POA Management –  Cindy Woodson

Phone: 251-948-3039

email-icon      Cindy Woodson – POA Management

Phone: 251-228-6566

Cypress Bend Contacts

email-icon      CB Representative – John Mitchell  12/31/2019

Phone: 847-302-3157

email-icon      CB Alternate Representative – Dan Smith

Phone: 720-202-1916

Cypress Gardens Contacts

email-icon      CG Representative- Mickey McCaleb  12/31/2019

Phone: 606-367-9241

email-icon      CG Alternate Representative – Joe Belk

Phone: 318-235-1662

Glen Eagles Contacts

email-icon      GE Representative – Terry Moody  12/31/2018

Phone: 406-261-5192

email-icon      GE Alternate Representative – Statia Moody

Phone: 406-253-4423

Pinehurst Contacts

email-icon      PH Representative – Cynthia Tunnell  12/31/2019

Phone: 251-948-4775

email-icon      PH Alternate Representative – Bill Tunnell

Phone: 251-948-4775

Prestwick Contacts

email-icon      PK Representative – Leroy Shamburger  12/31/2019

Phone: 703-943-0064

email-icon      PK Alternate Representative – Patricia Shamburger

Phone: 910-551-9052

email-icon      PK Alternate Representative –


Royal Glen Contacts

email-icon      RG Representative – Cindy Crawford  12/31/2018

Phone: 251-967-1931

email-icon      RG Alternate Representative – DeAnna Chapman

Phone: 251-504-7274

St. Andrews Contacts

email-icon      SA Village Representative – Carolyn Boudreaux  12/31/2019

Phone: 251-968-6476

email-icon      SA Village Alternate Representative – Sharon Peeples

Phone: 270-305-2284

St. Andrews East Contacts

email-icon      SAE Representative –  Gilda Green  12/31/2018

Phone: 251-948-4307

email-icon      SAE Alternate Representative – 


The Estates Contacts

email-icon      EST Representative – Kim Gordon  12/31/2018

Phone: 734-730-2176

email-icon      EST Alternate Representative – Bob Moreno 

Phone: 205-492-3361

Turnberry Contacts

email-icon      TB Representative – Gene Tuner  12/31/2018

Phone: 251-980-5443

email-icon      TB Alternate Representative –   John Mahloch

Phone: 303-931-7141